Futurist Martin Ford predicts that within the near future, robots will be able to do most routine, predictable jobs.  He reminds us that this does not mean just ‘low-skilled jobs’… but, predictable jobs, such as, accounting and even legal jobs, will become prey to the robot growth revolution.  Many professionals agree with Mr. Ford.   Continue reading


The ability to focus one's attention is one of our most important life tools because it determines where and how far along we go in our lives. It also applies to the success of everything that we do in life, from work to relationships to everyday decisions.  Continue reading

Mindfulness Meditation Proves Major Health Benefits

Although meditation has been around for eons, the area of "Mindfulness Meditation" seems to have become particularly popular over the past few decades. I remember in the 1980s and 1990s trying to make my brain focus on a void, nothingness, wiping away any thoughts or feelings that may come up during meditation. But, Mindfulness meditation helps one become non-judgmentally aware of our moment-to-moment thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and environment. According to a blog post in Psychology Today, Mindfulness meditation "teaches us how to be unconditionally present; that is, it helps us be present with whatever is happening, no matter what it is." Continue reading

Smart Animals And Creatures

  If you're an animal person, it doesn't take much to convince you how smart animals are.  All you have to do is to remember the last clever trick that your pet did to surprise you!    Many animals and other creatures are known for many clever tactics, especially when it comes to survival.  For example, when Killdeer see predators near their nests, they flap around, pretending to be hurt, in order to lead the predator away.  Most animals have their strategies for protecting themselves and their young.   Not only that, other creatures have their own strategies.  Some caterpillars, for example, curl up like bird poop to disguise themselves.  According to Live Science,  "certain caterpillars are even known to protect themselves with defensive barfing, regurgitating a foul-smelling liquid that stops predators in their tracks, while others warn away threats with puffs of nicotine." Continue reading


What will tomorrow's world look like when there are drones all over the sky, delivering packages, doing services for their owners, observing what we are doing?   Where will the birds be able to fly?  Will we still have trees, or will they be cut down to avoid traffic issues with the drones?  What will tomorrow's world look like when our grandchildren and great grandchildren are raised without experiencing what we had while growing up?    Will they know the feelings of having to wash off all of the sand that had accumulated in our bathing suits and clothes, while playing on the beach? Will they know what it's like to be hot and sweaty on a muggy summer night while playing softball or kickball in a neighbor's back yard?   Continue reading

Time Flies When We Get Older

Do you ever feel that time is moving faster than ever before?  Well, it is true.  As a matter of fact, science is now proving that as we age, time does fly faster. By contrast, time seems to move much slower when we are children. Continue reading

The Quest to Understand

  Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio, Ph.D., Founder and Director of the USC Brain and Creativity Institute, has played a pivotal role in helping us understand how our emotions help us make decisions and how they affect other areas of  social cognition.  Now, he helps us understand consciousness. Continue reading

Intention Research Project 2016

  Announcing a remote energetic broadcast research project that delivers a wellness intention to you every few minutes, similar to a 24/7 prayer. The goal of the research is to determine if the process helps you to continue your goal of listening to and expressing your soul's purpose while leading a busy life.  It is hoped that this process will accelerate your lasting mental, emotional, and spiritual development. The Intention Research Project is being led by a set of experts and researchers: Deepak Chopra, M.D., FACP; Bill Tiller, PhD; Gabriele Hilberg, PhD, MFT; and Paul Mills, PhD.    Continue reading


Throughout human history, the threads of humanity and time have been intertwined through the sharing of experiences and stories. But, today, popularized by Internet tools, such as Facebook, Dropbox, Flicker, and numerous other Internet tools, our human communication abilities have been profoundly altered through the sharing of information, experiences, stories, and photographs.  So much that photographer Stephen Wilkes believes that "the act of sharing has become more important than the actual experience itself." Continue reading

Studying Dreams

A former hacker of computer systems, Moran Cerf has changed his career to neuroscience,  utilizing his former hacking skills and eavesdropping on our brains.  He found that our sleeping brains not only retain some of the content from our awakened state of the day, but these dreams can influence our waking actions.   Continue reading