In Support of Dr. Oz

dr-ozThe Foundation for Living Medicine promotes a healthy life approach where one takes personal responsibility for their health by listening to their own 'physician within' to guide them towards healing and wholeness.  The medical practitioner acts as the coach that works with the patient, while the patient follows the guidance of their 'physician within.'  We believe in the resilience, resourcefulness and intelligence of people, as well as in their ability to make decisions about their own health.

Physicians like Dr. Mehmet Oz provide an invaluable public service. For example, through his Dr. Oz television show, Dr. Oz educates the public about alternative and integrative health therapies, and often, he mediates between differing points of view, which gives the public an educated opportunity to make their own health decisions. The show is supported by a full-time in-house medical staff that assists Dr. Oz in researching, evaluating, developing and producing the programs. The Foundation for Living Medicine supports and celebrates the efforts of physicians to awaken the public consciousness to a wider view of what it means to be healthy and whole.

If you agree that we are entitled to information representing all forms of medicine from conventional to alternative, please show support by liking this Blog posting and adding your comments. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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  • Rose Winters
    published this page in Living Medicine 2015-08-16 09:08:32 -0700