Fifteen Minutes Nepali Time

Timing is everything in disaster relief. As a member of the Disaster Assistance Response Team, Dr. Dinesh Taylor, M.D., MPH, takes us on his journey to reach the remote districts of northern Nepal, in order to help the residents who were suffering from the recent earthquake. Continue reading

What Is Living Medicine?

Many years ago, another family physician and I were discussing our 'practices' of medicine. He commented that 'The fun had all gone out of medicine.' I pondered this for many years. I knew what he meant, but wasn’t sure WHY the statement felt true. Continue reading

The Wisdom of the Body: A Message from Dr. Gladys

For the past 20 years, I have spoken about The Physician Within Each One Of Us.  Since March of this year, the 'physician within me,' has made herself heard in a very active and physical way. Continue reading