Movement: Waking Up the Brain


"Don’t fidget. Sit still." Children are expected to sit in the classroom, sometimes for hours. But, many professionals now claim that they need to move around and play more often. They need to climb trees, hang upside down, and do all of the other fun running-around games that kids love to do.

When kids do not move around enough, they can develop poor core body strength and balance, or underdeveloped vestibular system problems. This can lead to many learning problems, including poor reading, writing, and math skills. Games that involve rough and active play, such as jumping, rocking, and spinning, are recommended to help strengthen the body core.

Movement is also good for the brain. It oxygenates and helps us to focus. Heather Haupt, author of The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks, claims that the brain can shut down when our bodies are held perfectly still. Instead, movement can help the brain to learn. Heather suggests that parents encourage their children to move around when learning and memorizing things, such as, marching while memorizing the multiplication tables or the ABC's …

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