The Power of Body Language

Did you know that our Body Language affects not only how others see us, but also how we see ourselves? Studies have shown that the more open and relaxed we are (as opposed to closed and guarded), the more confident we will appear to others and feel within ourselves.

American social psychologist Amy Cuddy suggests that we can change our lives if we "fake it until we become it." Harvard professor Cuddy attests that even standing in a power pose for as little as two minutes per day can lead to big changes in how we see ourselves. According to research, confident people have high levels of testosterone (dominance hormone) and low levels of cortisol (stress hormone). Professor Cuddy believes that if we practice power poses for at least two minutes per day, it will increase our testosterone and decrease our cortisol levels, helping us to look and feel more confident.

Try this right before a speech or interview. Find a private space and stand for two minutes with your hands on your hips and legs stretched wide open. And, check out Amy Cuddy’s powerful Ted Talk above.

Other Findings

SHAKING HANDS: Touching creates human bonds. When you smile and shake hands, others will have a more favorable impression. As a matter of fact, latest research attests that others are TWO TIMES MORE LIKELY to remember you if they shake your hand.

HAND GESTURING: Further, research has also shown that the physical act of gesturing can help you to form clear thoughts and more formed, concise speech.

Check out more body language pointers HERE.

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