Man walks to my edge And silently stares Pauses a moment, Then his voice fills the air… Beautiful, glorious, grand and divine, Then he humbly mutters How insignificant his life is to mine. Continue reading

Incredible Success with the Acuscope Machine

  I have had tremendous success with the Acuscope machine which helped me to heal my knee so quickly.  I was introduced to it by Ray Speith.  But, little did I know at the time that it would become my saving grace so quickly after having heard about it.  I had no idea how much it would help me, as my original impression was that it was a machine, just for equine therapy.   Continue reading

Grow Old Along With Me: The Best is Yet To Be (Part C) by Bernie Siegel, MD

I ask seniors how they can die laughing.  The answer is: To have the family tell stories about your life when you are ready to die.  So, embarrass your family regularly and give them material to use. My father literally died laughing as my mother told wonderful stories about their early relationship. When my father was tired of his body, he said to my mother, "I need to get out of here." That is when we all gathered and made his transition an unforgettable one that gave the children in the family a very different feeling about death. Continue reading

Homemade Soap without Toxins by Eveline Horelle Dailey

I just wanted to share how I have been making my own homemade soap for cleaning my clothes. It does NOT contain any perfume or toxic chemicals, and it only costs about 5-cents per load. But, best of all, it leaves my clothes feeling fresh and clean! Continue reading


What does Dr. Gladys have in common with Playboy Magazine and gratitude? Continue reading

Grow Old Along With Me: The Best Is Yet To Come (Part B) by Bernie Siegel, MD

To survive, we all need to have a sense of meaning in our lives, and express our emotions, including anger, when we are not treated with respect. We need to be able to: make our own therapeutic choices, ask for help when we need it, respond in our feelings when making choices, maintain an authentic life, not just a role, and say no to what we do not want to do. Basically, we need to find our way of expressing our love while keeping a childlike sense of humor. The answers relate to serving the world in our unique way rather than a way imposed by others. Continue reading

Grow Old Along With Me: The Best Is Yet To Be (Part A) by Bernie Siegel, MD

I always remember the words of George Halas, the owner of the Chicago Bears football team.  When he was well into his eighties, a friend found him in his office on a Sunday.  When asked WHY he was working on a Sunday, he responded, "It's only work if there's someplace else you'd rather be." How can you age if you never know what time it is? The healthiest state one can be is when you are doing something which makes you lose track of time. When I am doing something that I love, I am in a trance state. I believe when we are being creative our physiology gives our body a profound live message. The sad part is that too many people wait until they are told they have a limited amount of time left to live before they start living their chocolate ice cream. Continue reading