The Physician Within You


This book is for all people, physicians and patients alike. There is no physician who, at one time or another, will not be a patient and each of us has within us that divine spark which we have chosen to call “”the physician within.”  This book tells the real stories of real people, their living experiences as they have enriched my life, and as I have influenced theirs.

There have been times when I have worked with a patient who had a bleeding peptic ulcer. The surgeon and I would remove the offending part of the stomach and bring about a cure; but, if that is all that we did, there would not be a true healing. We needed to get to the basis of why they had gotten sick in the first place.  If we did not, the problem would have come back, perhaps at an even deeper and more severe level. We could have cured the disease, but yet, not have a healing of the patient-not without bringing forth the physician within.

Our purpose in writing this book is to help physicians and patients alike to work together in awakening the physician within, empowering our divine selves to not only bring healing to ourselves but to our beautiful planet. We are all a part of the whole and as each of us takes responsibility for our own healing, we are all made a little better.

So join me and we will travel together on an adventure in healing the whole person.



By Dr. Gladys McGarey, M.D., M.D. (H)

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