The World Needs Old Ladies


The World Needs Old Ladies

By Gladys T. McGarey & Eveline Horelle Dailey


The strongest and oldest underground movement in all the world is the world of Old Ladies. They are the roots of plants which are seen and unseen and they hold the earth together. This is The Tree of Life.

The “World Needs Old Ladies” brings to us the lifetime experiences of Dr. Gladys McGarey and Eveline Horelle Dailey as they tell us stories of understanding, joy, wonder and pain that these old ladies have lived.

Just as life flows in The Tree of Life from its roots, up its trunk, into the roughness of its bark, grows its branches, glories in its blossoms and produces its seeds this book shows us how we too can Age Into Health.

In the story of life itself you can find the secrets of living.



By Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey and Eveline Horelle Dailey

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