Welcome to the Foundation for Living Medicine

The Foundation for Living Medicine was created in 1989 by Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey to bridge the gap between holistic and allopathic medicine through research and education. The Foundation for Living Medicine is dedicated to transforming our current disease-based healthcare model to one that offers an integrated holistic medical approach based on a patient-centered model. It promotes a shift in medicine that fosters better health and sustainability. The Foundation for Living Medicine acknowledges the ‘physician within’ each individual, fosters patient/provider relationships and embraces health and wholeness rather than emphasis on disease.

The Foundation for Living Medicine promotes 5 L’s that support the philosophy of Living Medicine:

  1. LIFE. If we are not alive, nothing else matters.
  2. LOVE. Love is what really does the healing. (Without love, a disease can be cured, but the person is not healed. With love, the person can heal without curing the disease.)
  3. LAUGHTER. Laughter brings hope and light into healing. It is the spark that activates the life force.
  4. LABOR. Labor is necessary to bring the first three Ls into reality on this dimension of consciousness. We really have to work at healing.
  5. LISTENING. Listening is necessary for healing to become real: listening to ourselves, others and the world around us.

Life itself creates the medicine we need for healing. This requires working with the physician within and cooperation with the physician without. Life itself is Living Medicine.

The Foundation for Living Medicine is a Visionary, Educational and soon-to-be Service-delivery nonprofit organization. You are invited to explore our website and read the many articles, concepts and information. Then, please join us and become one of us to make it all happen!