Birth Perspectives Related to The Well-Lived Life

Secret 6: Spend Your Energy Wildly

Your energy store house is like a bank account. Your energy is your capital and it can generate interest—or it can be depleted and not

Secret 5: Everything Is Your Teacher

To live in a state of wonder and awe; to live with the curiosity of a healthy, inquisitive child; to live as if everything—every experience

Secret 4: You Are Never Truly Alone

Connection, community, and cooperation are all words that Dr. Gladys uses to describe our interrelationship with others. “On a fundamental level, we’re all connected,” she

Secret 2: All life needs to move

You can say that again when you are talking about birthing. Feeling “stuck” is birth language. A prenatal and perinatal psychologist or a counselor who

Secret 1: You Are Here for a Reason

In Chapter 1 of The Well-Lived Life Dr. Gladys discusses “finding our juice,” that is, finding the will within us to live and finding that

Introduction: Toward Life

The vision for the future of The Foundation for Living Medicine includes the creation of a Village, a community that includes health caregivers who practice