Birth Perspectives Related to The Well-Lived Life

Secret 1: You Are Here for a Reason
In Chapter 1 of The Well-Lived Life Dr. Gladys discusses “finding our juice,” that is, finding the will within us to live and finding that purpose for which we were born.

Cancer Patients Use Alternative Meds

New research suggests that 1/3 of patients with a cancer diagnosis use complementary and alternative medicine. This includes areas, such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and

The Placenta: Baby’s Lifeline To Mom

Although the Placenta is KEY to the life and survival of the fetus, it is one of the least understood organs.  It is the Lifeline between mom and

Introducing Exposome

Science has taught us that we have TRILLIONS OF MICROORGANISMS that live inside and around us.  In short, everyone has their own unique microbiota, or microbial communities within them. 

Stem Cells: A Few Basics

We’ve read about new strides in the field of stem cell research.  We’ve learned that when cells grow, they divide and develop into replicas of the

Sleep: Memory’s Best Ally

We have learned how sleep helps the brain to retain and store memories.  For example, our brains fast-forward the memories of the day in the

Proof: Omega-6 Fatty Acids are GOOD for you!

Until very recently, omega-6 fatty acids, and more specifically, linoleic acid, which is one of the ‘most common of the polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty-acids,’ had the