Loving Birth

Did you know that what happens in the womb during pregnancy sets the template for the entire life of the child? Pregnancy is the period when the baby’s brain develops and forms its neural pathways that contribute to the child’s future behavior. As the mother/child bond grows during pregnancy, either love or fear can be set as the foundation for the child’s life perspectives and behavior. In fact, the mother’s emotional state during pregnancy also has a direct impact on the demeanor and future behavior of the child. Not only is the relationship between mother and baby-in-utero important, but the father (and/or significant other) also plays a significant role because the relationship between the parents directly affects the mother’s emotional state, which, in turn, affects the fetus in pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to educate pregnant women and their families about this stage of human development and its far-reaching implications.

In other words, what happens in the womb does not stay in the womb. Instead, what happens in the womb sets the stage for the behavior and future life of the child. Science and medicine are just beginning to understand the importance of this stage of development. Psychology has not yet recognized prenatal life as a full stage of development, much less as the most important stage. It is our vision to bring this area to the forefront.