The Loving Birth Taskforce

The Loving Birth Taskforce is a committee of The Foundation for Living Medicine, which was founded by Dr. Gladys Taylor McGarey. Not only is Dr. Gladys known as the Mother of Holistic Medicine, but she has also been recognized as a pioneer in natural birthing. Among her many achievements in this field, she is credited for being the first doctor to allow fathers into the delivery room, and thereby, participating in the birthing experience.

The Loving Birth Taskforce has evolved over the past five years to include all aspects of birthing, including pre-conception health, pre and perinatal psychology, prenatal, childbirth, and hypnobirthing education, yoga, pre and post-natal massage, doula practices (birth and post-partum care), and midwifery. The Taskforce includes certified nurse midwives, M.D.s and Ph.Ds, as well as other healthcare practitioners and advocates.

The Taskforce embraces and supports The Foundation for Living Medicine in its efforts to change the paradigm of medicine to being more inclusive of alternative and age-old successful medical practices, as well as to becoming more compassionate. The Taskforce sponsors events to further the goals of Loving Birth, in addition to events that are put on by the Foundation.

MISSION: To promote education, including informed and timely choices, advocacy, and public policy of child bearing practices that are inclusive, respectful, comprehensive, competent, and mother and baby friendly. This includes understanding the role of preconception, pre and post natal care, informed and conscious choice of procedures, birthing options, community-based quality health care, and culturally sensitive services.

VISION: All women receive respectful, competent, comprehensive, evidence-based maternity services that incorporate each woman’s and family’s cultures, choices, preferences, and values.

Affirmation (as we begin each meeting):

We are gathered together to celebrate the potential for every birth to be loving and gentle, honoring both mother and baby. We hold the vision that each birth occur according to the Divine Plan for the lives involved, and according to Nature’s Design.

Loving Birth Taskforce Goals:

  • To support The Foundation in its endeavor to create a Center for Living Medicine.
  • To create a new model for Loving Birth, beginning with the decision to have a baby, including preconception health (education, exercise, nutrition, meditation, massage, preparation for the birth, bonding, breastfeeding, and parenting), and introducing loving birth precepts that encourage the use of midwives and doulas, skin-to-skin contact as soon as possible after the birth, delayed cord-clamping, and immediate breastfeeding.
  • To promote the concept that all babies need to be wanted babies. This is aided by planning for family size, spacing, and timing for less stress.
  • To promote the concept that consciousness begins prior to pregnancy and grows throughout the pregnancy.
  • To foster the relationship that develops between mother (as well as father and other significant caregivers) and baby prior to birth, thus, offering mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual support.
  • To provide up-to-date research to the committee, the Foundation, the Center for Living Medicine, and the public by means of newsletters, blogs, seminars, events, webinars, and so forth.
  • To educate the medical community, as well as the public, emphasizing new research and best practices.
  • To network with local, national, and international groups that support the Foundation’s ideals regarding childbirth.
  • To develop programs that support parents following the birth of their babies.
For more information, contact The Foundation for Living Medicine or Facilitator, Alyce-Anne Meadows, M.Ed. at: