Loving Birth Focus Statement

What happens in the womb during pregnancy sets the template for the entire life of the child!

Humanity seems to have lost sight of the importance of pregnancy, particularly with regard to the imprints that the baby is experiencing while in the womb. The language that is used to even talk about pregnancy is filled with expressions that sabotage a woman’s confidence to easily give birth.

An ideal pregnancy is actually ten months long, not nine! Women are in harmony with the moon from the time they are in puberty to the time when the opportunity to bear children ends at menopause. Women’s cycles average every 28 days. An ideal pregnancy lasts 280 days or ten cycles of the moon. Allopathic medical practitioners will sometimes encourage women to schedule birth earlier than 280 days or 40 weeks. They believe that there is no harm is inducing the baby to come early at 39 weeks, for example. Yet the March of Dimes, an organization that has studied prematurity for decades, tells us that every day and week in the womb helps the baby develop its brain and body. It is a focus of the Loving Birth Taskforce to raise the awareness of the knowledge that 280 days/40 weeks/10 months is better for babies than 9 months.

The very word “delivery” sabotages a pregnant woman’s confidence because it suggests that someone else—the doctor—will “deliver” the baby. It can help to think of “birth” as a verb. Birthing is a woman’s right, privilege, and responsibility. Men cannot perform this sacred act. Men are vital in conceiving a child, a responsibility often taken for granted. Both men and women can be awakened to their roles in bringing forth new human life on this planet by focusing on the language used when discussing childbearing.

Another focus of the Taskforce is to change language like “mothers-to-be” to “Mothers” from the time a woman conceives and throughout her pregnancy, labor and birth because the old fear-based idea that is wrong to bond with a baby in the womb is simply wrong! In fact, that fear can actually contribute to a pregnancy ending too early.

The Loving Birth Taskforce is dedicated to raising the consciousness of women, those who choose to give birth and those who decide not to experience childbearing. It is essential to recognize that babies in the womb are conscious as well. They are experiencing everything their mothers are experiencing. If mother is worried, abused, neglected or otherwise troubled, her thoughts, feelings and hormones are bathing her unborn baby with those energies. There are cultures who protect pregnant women in their communities from stress and surround them with loving, peaceful environments. That would be ideal for all pregnant women, but it is a goal not yet realized in most modern societies.

With the advent of Roe vs. Wade being struck down, women’s reproductive health is seriously imperiled. The Taskforce is dedicated to openly discussing the paradox of being both Pro Life and Pro Choice. With the closing of many women’s healthcare facilities, it is the perfect time to consider the Loving Birth Center which is envisioned as the hub of The Living Medicine Village. With the encouragement to identify “the physician within,” every woman, man and child will, indeed, be able to embody a well-lived life.