Natural Birthing

The Placenta: Baby’s Lifeline To Mom

Although the Placenta is KEY to the life and survival of the fetus, it is one of the least understood organs.  It is the Lifeline between mom and

Another Life in Utero

Neuroscience is finally catching up with what we have already intuitively known about how we develop in the womb before we are born.  Recent scientific

Baby’s First Connections

At the time of conception, when the sperm hits the egg, a fully conscious human being begins to develop in the womb. Each cell and

Conscious Evolution of Love

Every mother since the dawn of time carried, along with her infant, the story of their birth. Until recent times, however, the sharing of that

Ultrasound…Is it Ultra-Safe?

For many parents, few modern day thrills surpass monitoring the newest member of the family via Ultrasound prior to their scheduled arrival. Social media is

Maltreatment Can Affect Gene Activation

Scientists have known that when children are maltreated or neglected early in life, they can develop many emotional and health problems. But, they are learning

Recognition from the Womb

We humans are NOT the only species that can recognize voices and individuals from the womb! Researchers have discovered that tiny, tiny songbirds called Fairy