Another Life in Utero

Neuroscience is finally catching up with what we have already intuitively known about how we develop in the womb before we are born. 

Recent scientific studies have suggested that vision develops earlier than thought and that babies in utero can actually see.¬† And, many scientific studies have already determined that the fetus remembers musical rhythms.¬† ¬†¬†Now, it is being discovered that babies in the womb “begin to absorb language and they have the capacity to learn and remember ¬†elementary sounds of their language from their mother during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy.”

One day it will be recognized that life in the womb is, indeed, a part of our development.  It is the first phase of our developmental stages of life.  What happens in the womb sets up many of our traits, behaviors and developmental issues that we carry forward into our human lives. When we begin to understand this, it is when we can begin our true healing process.


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