Tomorrow’s Answer: Microscopic Life

The science of microbes is one of today’s hottest research subjects.  Within recent decades, we have learned that we are made up of approximately 100 trillion microbes.   These microbes, which are collectively called microbiome (bacteria, viruses, some fungi and algae, and so on), help our bodies perform life-sustaining functions.

We have learned that all of us have our own unique combinations of microbes that make up the microbiome within us.  Not only do we have these microbes within us and on our skin, but we also emit millions of them into the air around us every day.  In short, we have our own aura-like ‘microbial clouds’ that we carry around with us as we go through our daily lives.

But, it goes even further than this.  To make matters even more interesting, we have recently learned that microbial (microbiome) systems extend into different areas of the environment.  The make-up of the microbes within specific environments really depends on the combination of the humans’ individual microbial clouds, plus the environmental combinations of microbes and bacteria in the air in the specific geographical areas. Therefore, the science of the microscopic microbes is becoming a MAJOR area to understand. 

Microbiologist Anne Madden believes that this area of study represents the answer to tomorrow’s problems.  She believes that they will become sources of future medicines and technologies.  Watch this fascinating Ted Talk about this subject. 

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