Our Parents’ Lifestyles Influenced Our Health, Even Before We Were Born

Over the past decade or so, so much has been learned about the fact that we lived Conscious Lives within our Mothers’ Wombs, developing relationships with our parents and their lives before we were born.  Science has also evolved in the understanding of how the genetics of our parents and their ancestry lines can affect us.  So many of these genetic and behavioral factors have participated in creating who we are today.

But did you know that…  Not only are We What WE Eat… but We also are What our PARENTS Ate, even before We were Conceived? Think about the ramifications of this new understanding.

New studies are discovering that our parents’ lifestyles and the environments in their lives before conceiving may have influenced the health of their children. Specifically, in research conducted at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research and led by Associate Professor Romain Barres, it was discovered that sperm cells of obese and lean men in their research contained different epigenetic  marks that could even influence the appetites and eating behaviors of their children.

The implications from this research are astounding.  Not only does the research point out the importance of the father’s health at pre-conception and how it may influence the health and development of the future baby, but it also tells us that it is possible to change things. 

This research is just the beginning.  To learn more, click here.

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