Intersegmental Traction Table For Back Pain

Do you have back pain that consistently bothers you?  Have you ever hurt your back and a few chiropractic adjustments just did not help to curb the pain? 

For the past year, I have been battling Stage 3 Rectal cancer.  Step 1 was the radiation and chemo treatment to reduce the size of the tumor. Step 2 was an operation and learning how to live with a temporary ilieostomy bag.  Step 3 was working through heavy doses of chemo to make sure the the tumor never returns.  And then, came… the side effects from all of the activity that had been focused on one area of the body, THE RECTUM.  Specifically, one morning, I awoke with excruciating pain in my back and I was hardly able to get out of the bed.  I was crippled, hardly able to walk.  A friend brought me a cane and I learned to hobble around my home in pain.  The scariest was learning how to get up in the middle of the night, using the cane to go to the bathroom.

Then, I went to my chiropractor, but she was not able to help me.  It had become apparent that this was not a problem that could be fixed with a few adjustments. The pain returned the moment I left the lobby of my doctor’s office.

Then I was blessed to find another chiropractor who placed me on his INTERSEGMENTAL TRACTION TABLE.  This was not a normal massage table that many chiropractors use, but it was a cutting-edge system that analyzes the problems in the back and begins the treatment process of decompressing the back.  My chiropractor informed me that the combination of the activity (radiation/chemo/operation/stress) that had been focused on the rectum for a year had built up inflammation, which in turn, dislodged and locked up my back.  After a few sessions, I felt relief, and within 4-6 weeks, the mending had begun.  This table saved me from enormous pain.

What Is An Intersegmental Traction Table?

An intersegmental traction table is used by chiropractors to manipulate the spine and restore the body to proper ranges of motion. It mobilizes the spine while also stretching the ligaments and muscles.  It does this by creating a consistent motion with its dual rollers.  The system also analyzes the situation in the back and spine and communicates to the chiropractor pressure points and areas that need manual manipulation.

Spinal traction is a form of decompression therapy that relieves the pressure from the spine during an injury.  This therapy is used for treating sciatica, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, pinched nerves, and so on.

For more information on the Intersegmental Traction Table, you may contact Holistic Medicine practitioner, Dr. Greg McWhorter, C. DC in Sun City, Arizona at 623-876-8737.

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