Tasting Memory

If you’ve ever been told that you have the "memory of a fruit fly," take it as a compliment. The common fruit fly, or the Drosophila melanogaster, is used as the model for researching memory issues in humans. Continue reading

The Power of Body Language

Did you know that our Body Language affects not only how others see us, but also how we see ourselves? Studies have shown that the more open and relaxed we are (as opposed to closed and guarded), the more confident we will appear to others and feel within ourselves. Continue reading

Memory Problems: What Should I Do?

How many times this week have you forgotten your keys? Many people do. Did you know that 1 in every 5 people ( 20 percent) who are over 65 years old suffer from some sort of memory and thinking problems? Continue reading

The Great Salt Debate

When New York City Mayor Bloomberg started enforcing lower salt limits on New York City restaurants and other institutions, I started buying up salt and caching it in a safe place. That’s because I’m a low-sodium person, one who actually needs to eat good amounts of salt, in order to stay healthy. Most people apparently have the opposite issue of having to watch their salt levels. Continue reading

U.S. Healthcare Ranks Last

Forbes contributor, Dan Munro, reports on The Commonwealth Fund, which ranks countries based on healthcare. The United States ranked DEAD LAST. Click here to read Mr. Munro’s story.

Building on Wisdom

For eons and in many different cultures, Seniors have always been revered, respected and recognized as being the wise ones… the experienced ones that guided the community. And, we have learned from one of our recent Foundation blog posts (Senior Moments: The Wise Old Brain) that this level of respect is well-deserved. That is because we increase our levels of “crystallized intelligence,” as we age. Again, according to Wikipedia, crystallized intelligence is the ability to use stored knowledge, skills, and experience. It is about being able to use our skills, based on utilizing the knowledge and experience that is stored in our long term memory. Continue reading

Senior Moments: The Wise Old Brain

I‘m Maggie Wright, and I help Rose at The Foundation for Living Medicine. Being a Senior Boomer (born in the late 1940s), I am sometimes hounded by those Senior Moments of forgetting things. But, I try to treat each incident with a creative attitude and sense of humor. For example, everything is made of energy, including our thoughts. Therefore, I assume that when a thought "slips my mind," it is, indeed, still sitting in the air at the place at which I had lost it. So, I retrace my steps, seeking my lost thought energy. Shockingly, it returns. Sometimes, I do little rituals with it and laugh. Continue reading