Healing Through Diet

Dr. Dean Ornish, leading expert in fighting illnesses (especially cardiovascular diseases) through dietary and lifestyle changes, tells us how to heal through diet. Continue reading

Accentuating the Positive

"Some people grumble that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses!" Alphonse Karr, A Tour Round My Garden, 1855. Continue reading

In Support of Dr. Oz

The Foundation for Living Medicine promotes a healthy life approach where one takes personal responsibility for their health by listening to their own 'physician within' to guide them towards healing and wholeness.  The medical practitioner acts as the coach that works with the patient, while the patient follows the guidance of their 'physician within.'  We believe in the resilience, resourcefulness and intelligence of people, as well as in their ability to make decisions about their own health. Continue reading

Supporting Your Gut

Did you realize that three pounds of microbes that we carry around in our bodies may be MORE IMPORTANT than all of our genes in our genome?  Watch this fascinating talk by human microbe pioneer Rob Knight… and find out WHY Continue reading

More News on Microbes

It seems that recently we have been reading more news about the importance of our microbes. As discussed in recent Foundation newsletters and blogs, we have trillions of microbes that live within us in order to help us sustain good health. These microrganisms, which are collectively called microbiome (bacteria, viruses, some fungi and algae, and so on), vary greatly by species of microbe between individual humans. In other words, our individual makeup of microbes and diversity of species of microbe varies within each of us. Continue reading

Meet Your Microbes

Microbiologist Jonathan Eisen explains the importance of the microbial community that lives on and within us.  Recent research has proven that not only do our microbes help us in the development of our immune systems, but they also affect our metabolism and our ability to fight off pathogens… AND… they may also shape some of our behavior.  Watch this fascinating Ted talk. Continue reading

The Gut-Brain Connection

Many of us health-conscious people are acutely aware of the importance of having a healthy amount of microbes in our gut, in order to sustain good health, balance, and a strong immune system. We have come to realize that the simple act of taking our probiotics and eating yogurt daily is one of the best things that we can do for maintaining great health. Continue reading

War Metaphors Can Dissuade Some Prevention Behaviors

"Hearing metaphoric utterances is enough to change the way we think about a concept… When we hear the phrase 'win the battle against cancer,' it forces us to think of cancer as if it's an enemy that we are at war with," said David Hauser, a University of Michigan doctoral student in psychology.  According to Mr. Hauser and a colleague, Norbert Schwarz from the University of Southern California, exposure to and use of warring metaphors about cancer can lessen individuals' attentions to preventing cancer in their lives. Continue reading

Older People Tend to Be Happier

One would think that as people age, they would tend to be less happy due to the many mental and physical issues that creep upon us as we age.  However, researchers are finding the opposite to be true. Continue reading

The Miracle of Castor Oil Packs

Dr. Gladys has often recommended castor oil packs to help patients heal. Castor oil was popular in ancient India, China, Egypt, Rome, Greece and Europe… and today in America. It has been called "the Palma Christa" or "the hand of Christ" because it is so effective at promoting healing and reducing inflammation. Continue reading