Being Grateful for the Simple Things

Being Grateful can have such a powerful impact on our attitudes and perspectives. Now, science is proving that even simple things, such as being grateful for everyday outcomes and situations, can benefit our selves both mentally and physically.

There have been many scientific studies proving the powerful effects of gratitude. According to a Science Daily article, one recent study was conducted by the American Psychological Association on 186 men and women who suffered from asymptomatic (Stage B) heart failure. They found that those who scored higher in gratitude, also scored higher in ‘better moods’ and higher quality of sleep.

Gratitude Journaling

It seems that even the simple act of writing ‘gratitude journals’ helps people become happier and sleep better. As a matter of fact, gratitude journaling has become a popular tactic in many self-help arenas. However, it takes more than just writing up in a journal five or six things one is grateful for.

Journaling is really the vessel through which one can channel their thoughts and feelings. It is a way of focusing our intentions and actions. If you are interested in starting a gratitude journal, here are some tips.

Fibromyalgia patient, Joan Buchman, has found gratitude journaling to be helpful because it helped her focus on how she was living her life. She says, “Gratitude is not about ‘looking at the bright side,’ or denying the realities of life… It’s about learning from a situation, taking the good to help deal with other challenges in the future. It’s about finding out that you have more power over your life than you previously imagined… If you open your heart to the good in your life, gratitude becomes as much a part of your life as breathing.”

This attitude is similar to Dr. Gladys’ perspective on learning how to ‘Age into Health.’ Specifically, the Aging Into Health Life Approach encourages us to awaken the healer within ourselves and take charge of our lives. It is about living our lives and treating disease as one of the many facets of who we are. It is also about putting all things into perspective, being grateful for every moment and facet in our lives, and using these moments as ‘teaching tools.’

Please share with us what makes you feel grateful.

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