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Over the past year, the Foundation has posted several Blog articles about eye health.  With the increased exposure to computer screens, tablets, and I-phones, eye problems and issues have increased in importance. 

Specifically, researchers have found that the blue light that is emitted through computer screens can cause immense damage to our eyes, such as: disrupted sleep and memory, eye strain, cataracts, disrupted melatonin, and other eye damage.  This issue becomes even more important as we age because it further exacerbates the normal age-related vision changes and eye diseases that we experience as we get older, including macular degeneration.  

I tend to get eye strain and fatigue from working so much on the computer for the Foundation and in other work, and so, I try to educate myself when new research findings and products come to the market.  There is a new patented computer eyewear product called GUNNAR that claims to prevent dry eyes, filter the blue light from the computer screen, and reduce glare. 

Please note that this GUNNAR product is NOT being recommended by the Foundation, but if you would like to read more about it, click HERE.

Also, in the past there has been a lot of interest every time a Blog article is posted about protecting our eyes.  If you would like to re-read some of those posts, click on the titles below: 



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