Our Personal Microbial Cocktails

Did you know that we humans have TRILLIONS of microorganisms that live inside of us and on our skin? And, did you know that the majority of these organisms are bacteria?   As a matter of fact, according to a Science Daily article, we possess more bacterial cells than human cells.  But, the difference is that the human cells are much larger, approximately 10,000 times larger.  As a result, although in greater number, these bacterial cells only translate to about 3% of our body mass.

According to microbiologist Darren Sledjeski (NIH- National Institute of Health) and microbiologist Andrew Goodman (Yale University), most of the microbes are harmless and different types of bacteria adapt better to different parts of the skin and body.  To learn more facts click here.

Everyone has their own unique microbiota, or microbial community within them.  Even more amazing is that as we walk around with our own microbial families, we also emit millions of bacteria into the air around us daily.  In other words, we each have our OWN “MICROBIAL CLOUDS” that are around us.  So, not only do we have our own unique finger prints, but we also have our own ‘Microbial Cloud Signatures.

Researchers are even finding that they can identify occupants of a room, simply by sampling their microbial clouds.  This new understanding can lead into many directions, such as helping scientists to better understand how disease and germs are spread… For more information, click here.

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