Putting Light on Microbial Dark Matter

Credit: © ridvanarda / Fotolia

Did you know that bacteria makes up only 2% of our body weight— but, their imbalances in our gut microbiome contribute highly to many of our health conditions?  Specifically, many conditions and diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, and obesity, directly correlate to these imbalances.  

Although the importance of microbiome has consistently been in the news lately, it has been difficult to research this area because the bacteria are sensitive to oxygen; and therefore, it has been difficult to keep them alive for study.  That is, until now.  Recently, scientists at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute have discovered a new process for growing and cataloging more than 130 bacteria from the human gut. 

This is MAJOR news because for the first time, scientists will now be able to study the bacteria … to understand how our bacteria microbiome keep us healthy… and how the imbalances negatively affect our health.  This will allow the scientists to create individualized ‘microbial cocktails’ that are tailor-made with specific beneficial bacteria.   

For more information, click here, which is a summarized article published by Science Daily, based on the new study which was published in Nature Today on May 4, 2016. 

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