Robots Rising

Futurist Martin Ford predicts that within the near future, robots will be able to do most routine, predictable jobs.  He reminds us that this does not mean just ‘low-skilled jobs’… but, predictable jobs, such as, accounting and even legal jobs, will become prey to the robot growth revolution.  Many professionals agree with Mr. Ford.  

According to an article in Wired (Rise of the Machines: The Future Has Lots of Robots, Few Jobs for Humans by Marguerite McNeal) researchers from Oxford University estimate that almost half (47%) of ALL U.S. jobs could become automated over the next 20 years. Martin Ford believes that over time, humans will fall into a new economic order of surviving on certain levels of guaranteed income (provided by the productivity of the robots) and then, supplementing themselves by entrepreneurism.  Only the Future knows…

Meanwhile, we have selected a few videos below to demonstrate where technology is in the development of robots:

First, meet SpotMini, the robo-pet of Marc Raibert, founder of Boston Dynamics.  SpotMini is an advanced robot that opens doors, delivers packages and acts in some ways like a dog.  This robot represents advanced work in studying: balance/dexterity, mobile manipulation and mobile perception.

Now, prepare for this!  Be sure to check out the following You Tube videos on advanced human-like robots.  Watch this Robo-girl sing!

Sing A Song!


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