Saving Our Eyes

How many hours per day do you find yourself mesmerized, staring into your computer, phone, and tablet screens?  We know that screen addiction can cause eye strain and fatigue.  But now, many researchers believe that screen addiction may also be a factor that’s causing macular degeneration to be a leading cause of blindness in people over 60 years old.  

What happens is that a high-energy blue light emits deeply into the eye and damages the macular area of the eye.  Excessive exposure from the screen addiction can lead to progressive loss of vision.  

For this reason, a project called The B.L.U.E. Study (Blue Light User Exposure Study) was conducted to research the effect of macular carotenoids supplementation on protecting visual health and performance, as well as other areas, such as, reduced eye strain and performance, and improvement of sleep quality.

The result was that Lutemax 2020, a product of OmniActive Health Technologies, Inc., significantly improved macular pigment optical density, visual performance and indicators of excessive screen use, including eye strain and fatigue and headache frequency. 

This B.L.U.E. Study is important because the damaging effect from screen addiction affects all of us, cutting across all income levels and age groups. It also shows us that there are solutions for helping those who love to stare into their computer screens for so long.


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