Smart Animals And Creatures

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If you’re an animal person, it doesn’t take much to convince you how smart animals are.  All you have to do is to remember the last clever trick that your pet did to surprise you!   

Many animals and other creatures are known for many clever tactics, especially when it comes to survival.  For example, when Killdeer see predators near their nests, they flap around, pretending to be hurt, in order to lead the predator away.  Most animals have their strategies for protecting themselves and their young.  

Not only that, other creatures have their own strategies.  Some caterpillars, for example, curl up like bird poop to disguise themselves.  According to Live Science,  “certain caterpillars are even known to protect themselves with defensive barfing, regurgitating a foul-smelling liquid that stops predators in their tracks, while others warn away threats with puffs of nicotine.”

But, for the first time, a caterpillar was found in Peru by You Tube Science Channel host Joe Hanson, wrapping itself in a leaf for protection.  Specifically, it had created a tube of leaves that were pasted together by its secretions.  Not only that, it was observed pulling this piece of leafy armor tubing by its hind legs as it moved along the rainforest floor in Tambopata National Reserve in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest.   

Check out the Live Science video below:

Credit: It’s Okay To Be Smart/PBS Digital Studios

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