Healing Power of Music Lecture & Concert

The evening of April 23, 2016 was simply magical! It marked the FIRST lecture and concert for the 2016 Best Medicine of Tomorrow-Today Lecture and Movie Series. The Red Mountain campus of the Mesa Community College was the event’s setting, with its natural Sonoran Desert landscape, beautifully sculpted and architecturally-acclaimed buildings, and multi-colored candles lit to add to the ambiance of the evening.

Singers Steph Carse and Renee Morgan Brooks performed to a full house. They sang, both individually and together.

Steph explained that in music there is a LOVE frequency at 528 hertz that resonates with people’s hearts and spiritual essence. He demonstrated the frequency by performing a song that he had written to the frequency.

Renee Morgan Brooks taught the audience the notes and musical frequencies that connect with the 7 Chakra centers of the body. Then, she performed a song at many of these Chakra levels.