Healing Our Eyes Naturally

As we age, we find how important it is to have good health in all parts of our bodies.  Each body-part is integrated with all other parts, as together, they make up the whole, and in order for the whole… or the whole body… to be in balance, its individuated parts also need to be healthy and in balance. 

One body-part that we have probably paid less attention to in younger years is our eyes.  However, eye health becomes much more important as we age.  In fact, we may experience normal age-related vision changes, as well as age-related eye diseases.  For example, many seniors experience light sensitivity and vision focus issues.  According to the Academy of Ophthalmology, one of the areas in which seniors over 60 years old tend to have difficulty is adjusting and focusing their vision while moving between different levels of light intensity, such as going from a dimly-lit room to a brightly-lit room.  To learn more, click HERE.    

In a recent blog article, we discussed how researchers are concerned that computer screen addiction has become a major factor that is contributing to the rise of Macular Degeneration (and later, blindness) in seniors over 60 years old.  Click HERE to learn more. 


Today, at least half of the U.S. population wears either glasses or contact lenses, and according to an article in Mother Earth News, titled, Improve Your Eyesight Naturally With Eye Exercises, by Michael Drake, experts believe that almost 70% of Americans do not realize they have vision issues.

The¬†Mother Earth article states, “According to studies done by Dr. William H. Bates, a distinguished New York Ophthalmologist who pioneered in the field of visual training, you can dramatically improve your eyesight naturally, without glasses or contact lenses! … In the past, most vision experts worked from the theory that the eye is able to focus on varying distances solely because it can change the shape of its lens, and that most seeing problems are due to a permanent deformation of the eyeball and lens.¬† However, contrary to these widely held beliefs,¬†Dr. Bates’ research has indicated that the whole eye, not merely the lens, adapts itself to focusing by means of the muscles of the eyeball.¬† When habitual tension and strain tighten them, then a slight dysfunction may occur, and teaching these uptight muscles to relax, through a program of eye training exercises, can remedy many seeing disorders.”¬† ¬†

In short, it’s about learning how to relax the eye muscles and preventing eye strain.  There are many eye exercises that can help the eyes to improve, such as, Palming, Blinking, Sunning, and Shifting.  


Palming is basically the process of covering your eyes and allowing them to relax.  This exercise will teach your eyes how to reduce tension.  Simply close your eyes and cover them with your palms over your eyes, without placing any pressure on your eyes or the muscles and bone structure around the eyes. 

Palming is one of the most relaxing exercises that you can do for your eyes.¬† It stimulates the optic nerve and relaxes the muscles around your eyes.¬† Some experts also suggest rubbing your palms together before placing them over your eyes. The electrical stimulation from rubbing your palms adds a feeling of warmth to the eyes as they rest in the darkness.¬†¬†Watch the “Palming” video demonstration below:¬†


As noted in the Mother Earth article, there is no real scientific data to demonstrate any benefits from the following exercise of “sunning,” but anecdotally, it appears to help, especially if you experience light sensitivity issues.  Here’s what you do: ALWAYS, ALWAYS close your eyes. Sit or stand with your face looking up at the sun (but, keep those eyes closed), and just move your head around from left to right, up and down, in an imaginary circle around the sun, while breathing deeply.  This will relax your eye muscles, while at the same time, help your eyes become more comfortable in light.


When you remember, blink your eyes frequently.  Experts state that this simple little exercise helps to keep your eyes lubricated, and at the same time, it relaxes the eye muscles.

Again, the key is to learn to relax your eyes and eye muscles… and, you will witness eye improvement.  To learn more, check out the sources below.  And, please let us know if you have been conducting eye exercises similar to this.  We would love to share the results.


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