Intention Research Project 2016

Announcing a remote energetic broadcast research project that delivers a wellness intention to you every few minutes, similar to a 24/7 prayer. The goal of the research is to determine if the process helps you to continue your goal of listening to and expressing your soul’s purpose while leading a busy life.  It is hoped that this process will accelerate your lasting mental, emotional, and spiritual development.

The Intention Research Project is being led by a set of experts and researchers: Deepak Chopra, M.D., FACPBill Tiller, PhDGabriele Hilberg, PhD, MFT; and Paul Mills, PhD.   

How it works: The intention will be energetically broadcast to you over the course of 18 months – using only your name and address.  No effort is required on your part.  While the mechanism of this subtle energy effect is not yet fully understood, it appears fundamentally to be a non-local resonant energetic process, which may catalyze shifts at multiple levels of your being.

 What you may experience: You may or may not notice subtle changes, such as, greater resiliency in dealing with challenges, spontaneously choosing healthy behaviors, and an effortless shift toward greater coherence (order), love, and spiritual awakening.  The specific shifts will be self-reported monthly through an online 10-minute survey (taken by computer or smartphone). Study participants will be supported through teleseminars and a specifically dedicated community forum in partnership with the JIYO online well-being platform.

 Cost: The cost is only $33 per month for 18 months ($600 total), which will help partially defray research costs for testing and equipment.

To learn more, click HERE.

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