Sharing: The Way of the Future

Throughout human history, the threads of humanity and time have been intertwined through the sharing of experiences and stories. But, today, popularized by Internet tools, such as Facebook, Dropbox, Flicker, and numerous other Internet tools, our human communication abilities have been profoundly altered through the sharing of information, experiences, stories, and photographs.  So much that photographer Stephen Wilkes believes that “the act of sharing has become more important than the actual experience itself.”

Stephen Wilkes has created a new photography technique called “Day-to-Night.”  It is a way of compressing space and time through photography. By photographing special moments from the same location at many times in the  day, Mr. Wilkes has been able to compress the happenings of one full day into one photograph. 

What does this have to do with Living Medicine and consciousness?  It represents a new way of seeing the world.  Watch the two videos below:  

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