The Grand Canyon Speaks

Man walks to my edge
And silently stares
Pauses a moment,
Then his voice fills the air…
Beautiful, glorious, grand and divine,
Then he humbly mutters
How insignificant his life is to mine.
Slowly he turns and walks away,
Not hearing my words as I say…
Man, you are the wonder of this land,
The greatest expression of the master’s hand…
Only wind, rain and time can change a canyon’s face
But man, with a thought, can change the human race…

By Donald Thomas Dailey

The Grand Canyon Speaks is a poem taken from the new book, LET’S GO FOR A SHORT WALK, by Eveline Horelle Dailey.  LET’S GO FOR A SHORT WALK will be available for purchase at $15.95 in September, 2017. 

A Review:

Let’s Go For A SHORT Walk is a book about so much more than love, letting go and dying. It is a masterpiece that exposes us to living and dying with such intimacy and reverence that we cannot escape its impact. This book should become required reading for everyone claiming a human experience.

Rose Winters
 – Foundation for Living Medicine

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