The Wisdom of the Body: A Message from Dr. Gladys

For the past 20 years, I have spoken about The Physician Within Each One Of Us.  Since March of this year, the ‘physician within me,’ has made herself heard in a very active and physical way.

Part of this ‘Physician Within’ message that I have delivered to audiences has come from my own ‘Physician Within.’ It has been directed at women: asking them to take a look at the way in which we think about and approach our own bodies. Instead of being afraid of them, I’ve encouraged women to love their bodies. For many years we have been told by the medical community to check our breasts for lumps. In my experience, this has caused many women to become afraid of their own breasts, thinking of them as the enemy. Some of my patients are so afraid of finding lumps in their breasts that they won’t even look at them, and they certainly don’t want to touch them if they can help it. Other women are obsessed with finding lumps, so that they almost injure the healthy tissue with their constant checking. My message to individual women and from the podium has been, “Let’s take another approach to this… a more friendly approach, which allows us to check our breasts, tenderly saying something like, ‘Hello girls, how are you? Do you have a message for me?’ And expect your body to give you a message.”

I have followed my own council, gently asking my breasts if they had a message for me. Little did I know that they would soon respond in the affirmative. In March of this year I was giving a lecture for my son Robert’s group at the Human Potential Center in Austin Texas. My message was the same as before, but I added a very emphatic, “And let me tell you folks, your body will give you a message.” I repeated this last statement twice.

About a week later, I was digging in my garden, while preparing the soil for planting. The handle of the shovel bruised my left breast, forming a large hematoma the size of a plum. With the use of castor oil and Arnica, I got rid of the hematoma and all of the bruising, but something still didn’t feel quite right. I paid attention to what my body was saying to me, and so, on July 10, 2014, I had a mammogram done. This showed calcification, indicating probable cancer cells. So, I had a needle biopsy performed, which, did indeed, give me the diagnosis of cancer cells. I thanked my body for the information and immediately began doing something about it.

My first thought was, “I don’t have cancer, but what I do have is a nodule which contains cancer cells.” This was important; I had not become a cancer patient. I immediately began to visualize a tiny hand-tooled leather suitcase, which was open and inside were the cancer cells, all comfortably settled in their tiny suitcase. I began a conversation with them. It went something like this:

“You have come at an inopportune time. I don’t have the time or frankly the interest to host you now. You must leave. I know you like to travel together so I have prepared a lovely suitcase for you, so that you can all go together to your family reunion. But you must leave NOW.”

I closed the suitcase and watched the cancer cells leave.

I chose to see a surgeon, as I was considering a lumpectomy. With as much as I had going on in my life at the level of the Center For Living Medicine, I really didn’t have time to do anything else. I knew that the alternative therapies would enhance the conventional route, which the surgeon would be taking, and I was very pleased with her approach. She immediately scheduled an MRI, making sure there were no other areas where cancer cells were hiding.

In the meantime, friends and loved ones throughout the world began praying. Each person in their own way began sending healing to me and I was absolutely overwhelmed by the powerful waves of love, which flowed over me, through me, around me and encompassed me. This whole journey has been a journey of love, and fear has not entered in. I used homeopathic remedies to prepare for the surgery and my body knew what was going to happen. I had explained to my body that, throughout my life, when there were things that were no longer needed or wanted, such as fingernails that were too long, hair that needed to be cut, an abscess that needed to be lanced, or a foreign body that needed to be removed, there would come a time when skilled help from someone outside of my body was not only needed, but welcomed and blessed.

So, on July 30, 2014, (on July 30, 1937, I left my home in India to come to the United States) at 6:45 AM, I went into the hospital for a series of procedures to prepare for the surgery. The surgery was started at 1 o’clock under general anesthesia.  I was blessed that everything went so smoothly that my daughter picked me up and brought me home before 4 o’clock! I was groggy, but I knew what was going on. I took some more homeopathic medicines for pain and healing. Aside from taking two extra-strength Tylenol twice in the next 24 hours, I have not needed any pain medicine, and I am just fine. I went in to see the surgeon on August 1 and received the report that the margins were clear and the lymph nodes were negative. Today is August 3, and I am having no pain. There is tenderness, of course, but my energy is back and I’m ready to go to work.

For me, this is a living example of Living Medicine. I am filled with gratitude to my body for giving me the message, to which I had to pay attention. The hematoma was located exactly over the nodule which had the cancer cells in it. It could have been at any place else in my body, but it wasn’t. It was right there, telling me that I needed to do something now. I’m filled with gratitude to the use of castor oil and Arnica, which allowed the hematoma to go away but kept my attention on the spot. I am so very grateful for the amazing surgical team, which came together and was there for me. They not only knew what to do, but they did it with skill, precision and healing hands. The amazing instruments which have been developed in the field of medicine to allow this kind of healing is truly a marvel. The holistic medications which enhanced the healing and eased the pain worked beautifully with the conventional medicine and will continue to work together as my life goes on.  

There is no question that your love and prayers contributed to my successful surgery and rapid recovery. I am so very grateful and touched by your support. Thank you!

Love and Blessings,

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  1. Thank you for your story, it gives me hope. I’m a cancer survivor for almost 26 years. I had ovarian cancer which my body told me about by having an ovarian cyst burst. When the lab work results came back the report stated they found cancer cells. Shortly afterwards I had a complete hysterectomy. Now I’m 82 and my Gynocologist said no more mammograms or Pap smears needed because of my age it’s felt if they found something I wouldn’t tolerate treatment. I’m in relatively good health. After reading your story I have hope of living to at least 102 like you. I recently lost my husband after being his caretaker for 12years, he had FTD. I’m looking forward to finding my purpose now that I’m alone for the first time. You have given me hope, thank you. God Bless you

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