Inheritance from Mom

Did you know that many of your behaviors were inherited from your mother?

They are “imprints”… imprinted from YOUR experiences in your mother’s womb. And 3+ decades of perinatal and prenatal research prove it. The period between shortly-before-conception to after-birth shapes our mental, emotional, physical, and behavioral patterns for life.

So, birthing issues do NOT just apply to new mothers and babies. The more we can understand how our own lives were shaped by our pre-birth developmental experiences, the better we can work with our own emotional issues as adults and senior-adults.

Anna Verwaal, RN CLE, is a maternal-child health nurse who helps new mothers and their babies, as well as adults seeking to understand, heal, and transform their own birth-related issues. She says that she helps clients to free themselves “from the inherited patterns and beliefs acquired while ‘marinating’ inside amniotic fluid, filled with the flavors of our mothers’ emotional life and state of mind.”

There is so much that we have inherited from our moms. Just one example, maternal stress during pregnancy has been linked to developmental and behavioral problems later in life. Not only that, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health identified a link between maternal stress in pregnant mice and allergy-induced asthma in their babies.

We are learning so much about the effects from our pasts in the womb… and there is even more that we STILL do not know. The more we learn and are able to heal, the closer we are to becoming a more peaceful and loving human race. Hallelujah!

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