Tomorrow’s World

What will tomorrow’s world look like when there are drones all over the sky, delivering packages, doing services for their owners, observing what we are doing?   Where will the birds be able to fly?  Will we still have trees, or will they be cut down to avoid traffic issues with the drones? 

What will tomorrow’s world look like when our grandchildren and great grandchildren are raised without experiencing what we had while growing up?    Will they know the feelings of having to wash off all of the sand that had accumulated in our bathing suits and clothes, while playing on the beach? Will they know what it’s like to be hot and sweaty on a muggy summer night while playing softball or kickball in a neighbor’s back yard?  

Nature grounds us.  It reminds us that we are participants in this reality of living on Earth.  But, Game Designer, David Perry, claims that this will ALL change with tomorrow’s video games.  He says that the children growing up today will not have the ‘stuff’ (nature, nature, living our real lives) we grew up with and will go their own way.  He believes that tomorrow’s levels of video games will turn out to be MORE involving and emotional than real life. 

Watch this fascinating… AND YET, DISTURBING… Ted Talk about Tomorrow’s World.  Please share your reactions and feelings about this issue with us. 

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