Time Flies When We Get Older

Do you ever feel that time is moving faster than ever before?  Well, it is true.  As a matter of fact, science is now proving that as we age, time does fly faster. By contrast, time seems to move much slower when we are children.

There are a few scientific facts that back this up:


The more stimulated the brain is, the slower time seems to move.  That is because it takes longer for our brains to simulate new stimuli, which, in turn, slows down time.  By contrast, children are constantly learning and taking in new stimuli from the environment, which can slow their perception of time.


It seems that the more familiar we are with something, we tend to pay less attention to the details.  As a result, there is less stimuli that our brains must take in. Therefore, familiarity speeds up time.  As we age, we tend to become more familiar with our surroundings… and therefore, time feels faster because familiarity speeds up time.


Our metabolisms slow and we have less dopamine as we age, which also speeds up time.

To learn more about this fascinating subject, click HERE.

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