The Body-Mind Connection

Spiritually, we have always believed that there is a mind-body (and spirit) connection…and now, neuroscience is finally catching up.  Neuroscientists at the University of Pittsburgh, led by lead author Richard P. Dum, Ph.D., have identified the neural network that connects the cerebral cortex with the adrenal medulla, which is the area that is triggered in times of ‘flight vs. fright’ stressful situations.

What does this mean? This connection is helping researchers to better understand how stress, depression and other mental issues can affect our organs. It is proving that psychosomatic illness is real.   It is also showing why certain exercises, such as yoga, tai chi and Pilates, and meditation, can really make a difference in helping the body to deal with stress.  

In this study, neuroscientists also uncovered the areas of the cortex that are active when we discover that we’ve made a mistake or when we feel conflict.  They are learning that when we think back to the error or conflict, our adrenal medullas are affected in the same way as in the original experience. 

For more information on this fascinating research, refer to the Science Daily article HERE and HERE.

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